Proper maintenance of high strength hexagon bolts?

When high strength hexagon bolt is used, it needs to cooperate with the nut to play the role of fastening. If its packaging, transportation and storage methods are improper, it is easy to cause the thread to be crushed and the bolt surface to rust and corrode. Let’s introduce how to maintain it correctly.
Three steps for maintenance of high strength hexagon bolt
1、 Manufacturers need to supply high-strength hexagon bolts to match the joint pair, in which each bolt packing box needs to place matching washer, so that it is not affected by road bumps and vibration during transportation, but also can play the role of sealing and waterproof.
In addition, before leaving the factory, we need to take the product certificate and quality assurance certificate inside the packing box, and clearly mark the actual quantity, batch number and standard of the products inside the packing box.

2、 No matter in the process of transportation or loading and unloading, violent transportation and loading and unloading are not allowed, especially the screw thread on the bolt surface should not be damaged. If the screw thread is damaged in the process of transportation and storage, the bolt can not be used.
3、 During storage, the high-strength hexagon bolt joint pair should be stored in a whole box, and the floor of the warehouse should be flat and not wet. During storage, it needs to be placed according to the batch number and standard, so as to find and use in the future. If the warehouse is a mobile house, then it needs to place the bottom floor and overhead, generally 300 mm away from the ground. It needs to pay attention that the number of storeys with yard height should not be too high to avoid collapse.
The maintenance of high-strength hexagon bolt is the above. We can know that its maintenance is not a simple matter. In normal times, whether it is packaging, transportation or storage, we need to take it seriously.

Proper Maintenance of High Strength Hexagon Bolts

Proper Maintenance of High Strength Hexagon Bolts

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