Four advantages of hexagon socket bolt

Many things in our life are inseparable from bolts. A small bolt plays a great role. There are many kinds of bolts. Different bolts play different roles. Today, follow me to learn the advantages of hexagon socket bolt.
1. High load capacity
There are six planes in the head of the hexagon socket bolt, so it can withstand a large load compared with the cross bolt or the slotted bolt.
2. Beautiful installation
Because the inner hexagon bolt can be countersunk in the actual use, that is, it can be screwed to the inside of the workpiece, so that the bolt can be avoided to be exposed on the surface of the workpiece, so that the whole workpiece has good flatness.
3. Easy to install.
The inner hexagon bolt can adapt to many assembly environments, and its installation and debugging are also very convenient.
4. It is not easy to disassemble.
Some tools, such as spanners and screwdrivers, are used to fix and remove bolts at ordinary times, but special spanners are needed for hexagon bolts, so ordinary tools can’t remove them, thus ensuring their tightness.
The above are the four advantages of hexagon socket bolts. Each bolt has its own unique advantages and application occasions. In order to avoid worries, we must distinguish the characteristics of each bolt and choose the matching bolt before selecting the bolt.

A490 Metric Hex Bolts

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