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Application of Super Long Bolt

Application of super long bolt With the development of large-scale and large-scale infrastructure, more and more large-diameter, overweight and super long bolts are used. In order to make sure that the bolt is used quickly and accurately, we need to pay attention to several points. 1. The operation platform must be fixed reliably without obvious [...]

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The Difference Between Hexagon Bolt and Screw

The difference between hexagon bolt and screw Hexagon bolts and screws are commonly used fasteners, which are very common in our life. Their main function is to connect and fix them. However, many people can't tell the difference between them, or even confuse them. Today we will explain the differences between them. Differences between hexagon [...]

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Expansion Screw Installation Steps

Install expansion screw prepare tools: hand drill, hammer, cross screwdriver, pencil. After preparing the tool, select an alloy drill bit of the same diameter as the expansion screw of the expansion screw, install it on the drill and then punch the wall. The depth of the hole is preferably the same as the length of [...]

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