How to prevent the outer hexagon bolt from breaking?
The function of outer hexagon bolt is very important. Generally, it needs to be used with nut when tightening. The strength of different specifications and types of hexagon bolts is different. In order to prevent fracture in the process of use, there are some places to pay attention to.

Outer Hexagon bolts are mainly used in mechanical equipment more frequently, the main role is to connect, once the fracture occurs in the process of use, it will naturally affect the performance of mechanical equipment, leading to the failure of mechanical equipment. Below, the technical personnel of WINDO Metal tell you how to prevent the outer hexagon bolt from breaking:
1. In use, outer hexagon bolts and nuts should be selected are matching each other. If the bolt and the connecting material do not match well, it is easy to cause fracture.
2. During the assembly, the force should be controlled well, and the tightening should be carried out according to the specified standards. It is not advisable to tighten too much or too little. Too much can easily lead to bolt fracture, and too small can not firmly tighten. It is recommended to use the torque wrench as a tool during the assembly.
3. When the mechanical equipment runs for a period of time, it is necessary to check the use of the outer hexagon bolts. If the bolt is loose, it needs to be tightened. If the bolt has aged, it needs to be replaced in time.
4. In each use, you need to check the guide part of the outer hexagon bolts. If there are cracks on the head and thread, and observe whether the pitch and shape of the thread are normal, if there are abnormal conditions, it can not be used.
Outer hexagon bolt is very common in our life. In order to make the connection between two things more firm and safe, we should choose the right bolt and use it correctly to reduce the fracture during use.

Outer Hexagon Bolt

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