High strength hexagon bolts bring many benefits to various industries, such as
Improve the stress condition of the structure. The force of friction type high-strength bolt connection is transmitted by the friction force on the steel plate surface. The large area of transmission force and the phenomenon of stress concentration are improved, and the fatigue strength of components is improved.
The amount of bolts is less. The bearing capacity of a 40 boron steel high strength bolt with a diameter of 22 mm is as follows:
The shear strength of a 23 mm diameter ordinary rivet is as follows: the bearing capacity of high-strength bolts is about 18% higher than that of rivets, and the number of high-strength hexagon bolts is less than that of rivets under the same stress. Therefore, the geometric size of the joint splice plate is small, which can save steel.

Speed up the construction progress. The construction of high-strength bolt is simple. For a worker who is not familiar with the construction of high-strength bolt, he can work as long as he has received simple training.
The steel structure is not easy to loose during transportation, and the maintenance workload is reduced in use. If it is loose, it can be replaced individually, without disturbing the connection of bolts around it.
The construction labor conditions are good, and the bolt hole of high-strength hexagon bolt can be formed at one time in the factory, and the process of secondary reaming is omitted.

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