Dacromet bolt coating- apply coating (colored coating, Dacromet) on the workpiece as required, with appearance of silver, black or color, and salt spray test for more than 240 hours. Dacromet: the appearance of Dacromet coating is uniform silver gray. The coating contains 80% thin zinc sheet and aluminum sheet, and the rest is chromate. It has excellent performance, such as extremely strong corrosion resistance, 7-10 times higher than that of electro galvanizing, salt spray test > 500 hours, no hydrogen embrittlement, especially suitable for high-strength stressed parts, such as high-strength bolts used in subway engineering, high heat resistance, heat stability of 300 It also has the advantages of high permeability, high adhesion, high friction reduction, high weather resistance, high chemical stability and no environmental pollution.

PTFE coating is the most heat-resistant material in all fluoropolymers and can resist almost all chemical attack. Very low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance and good chemical stability. The operating temperature of PTFE coating can reach up to 300 degrees, and its application thickness is usually 25-75 microns. Xylan coating is a kind of fluoropolymer. Most of the xylan coating contains PTFE and other lubricating components. It is generally used in the form of thin film to show the treatment of various metal components and fasteners. It has good lubricity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high antifriction and high heat resistance. It also has the advantages of no sticking, high chemical stability and no environmental pollution.

ASTM Stud Seal Bolt

Dacromet Bolt Coating

ASTM Stud Seal Bolt Product standard: ASTM, A325M, A490M, A563M, F436M Product size: M6–M64 1/4″–3″ Bolt pitch: 0.3-2.5 mm Negative line diameter: ±0.02 mm Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel Surface treatment: Galvanized / oiled Bolt thread length: Full thread / half thread From raw materials to end product delivery, it has […]