The Steel Structure Bolt thread refers to a kind of uniform helix bulge on the screw or bolt surface or the section of the internal surface, which mainly plays the role of connection, adjustment, transfer movement, etc. Generally speaking, the thread of steel structure bolt can be divided into three types according to the structural characteristics and purposes, namely, common thread, driving thread and sealing thread.
1. Common thread: it is the one with the largest number of threaded parts. Its tooth shape is triangle, which is used to connect or fasten parts. The common thread can be divided into coarse thread and fine thread according to the pitch. The connection strength of fine thread is higher.
2. Transmission thread: the tooth shape has trapezoid, rectangle, saw shape and triangle, etc. For example, rectangular thread is mainly used for force transmission, which is characterized by higher transmission efficiency than other threads, but higher strength, so its application is limited
3. Sealing thread: used for sealing connection, mainly pipe thread, taper thread and taper pipe thread.

Steel Structure Bolt Thread

Steel Structure Bolt Thread

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Standard Thread Lengths
Bolt lengths ≤ 6″: Thread length = (2 X diameter) + 1/4″Bolt lengths > 6″: Thread length = (2 X diameter) + 1/2″