The High Strength Hexagon Socket Bolts connection is to clamp the plates of the connecting plate by a large amount of tightening pre tension in the bolt bar, which is enough to produce a great friction force, so as to improve the integrity and rigidity of the connection. When subjected to shear force, according to the different design and stress requirements, it can be divided into two types: high-strength hexagon bolt friction type connection and high-strength hexagon bolt pressure type connection The qualitative difference is that the limit state is different. Although it is the same bolt, there are great differences in calculation method, requirements, application scope, etc.
In the shear design, the friction type connection of high-strength hexagon bolt is the ultimate state when the external shear force reaches the maximum friction provided by the bolt tightening force between the contact surfaces of the plate, that is to ensure that the internal and external shear force of the connection does not exceed the maximum friction force during the whole service period. The plate will not have relative sliding deformation (the original gap between the screw and the hole wall is always maintained), and the connected plate will be stressed as an elastic whole.

In shear design, the allowable external shear force exceeds the maximum friction force in the six point bolt bearing connection with high strength. The relative slip deformation between the connecting plates occurs until the bolt rod contacts the hole wall. After that, the connection is transmitted by simultaneous interpreting of the bolt body shear and the pressure of the hole wall and the friction between the contact surfaces of the plate. Shear limit state.
In a word, friction type high-strength hexagon socket bolt and pressure type high-strength hexagon socket bolt are actually the same kind of bolt, only whether sliding is considered in the design. The friction type high-strength hexagon socket bolt shall not slide, and the bolt shall not bear shear force. Once it slips, the design shall be considered to reach the failure state, which is relatively mature in technology; the pressure type high-strength hexagon socket bolt can slide, and the bolt also bears shear force, and the final failure is equivalent to the failure of ordinary bolt (bolt shear or steel plate compression).

High Strength Hexagon Socket Bolts

High Strength Hexagon Socket Bolts

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