From the following three aspects, the difference between high strength hexagon bolt and ordinary bolts is introduced.
In terms of strength grade
High strength hexagon bolts are widely used. The strength grades of 8.8s and 10.9s are commonly used, of which 10.9 is the most. The strength grade of ordinary bolts is lower, generally 4.4, 4.8, 5.6 and 8.8.
In terms of use
The bolt connection of the main components of the building structure generally adopts the high-strength hexagon bolt connection. Common bolts can be reused, and high-strength hexagon bolts can not be reused. The high-strength hexagon bolt is generally used for permanent connection, which is a prestressed bolt. The friction type uses a torque wrench to apply the specified prestress, and the pressure type screws off the ring head. Ordinary bolts have poor shear resistance, which can be used in secondary structure. Ordinary bolts only need to be tightened.

From the perspective of stress characteristics
High strength bolts exert pretension and transmit external force by friction. The shear force of ordinary bolt connection is transmitted by the shear resistance of bolt rod and the pressure of hole wall. The pretension produced when tightening the nut is very small, and its influence can be ignored. In addition to the high material strength of the high-strength outer hexagon bolt, a large pretension is also exerted on the bolt to produce extrusion pressure between the connecting members, so that there is great friction force perpendicular to the screw direction, and pretension and anti slip Both the coefficient and the type of steel have a direct impact on the bearing capacity of high-strength hexagon bolts.
According to the stress characteristics, it can be divided into pressure bearing type and friction type. The minimum specification of high-strength hexagon bolt is M12, and m16-m30 is commonly used. The performance of oversized bolt is unstable, so it should be used carefully in design.

High Strength Hexagon Bolt and Ordinary Bolt

High Strength Hexagon Bolt and Ordinary Bolt

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