Application of super long bolt
With the development of large-scale and large-scale infrastructure, more and more large-diameter, overweight and super long bolts are used. In order to make sure that the bolt is used quickly and accurately, we need to pay attention to several points.
1. The operation platform must be fixed reliably without obvious shaking. When the operators are working on the operation platform, they should do a good job in safety protection.
2. When using, we need to ensure the safety of the tools, such as the lighting brightness should be appropriate, the electrical equipment should be qualified, if we need to use temporary electrical equipment, we need to install leakage protector, do not randomly pull the wire.
3. If you need to use a crane when using super long bolts, you need professional personnel to command and arrange.

4. After the super long bolt is placed on the plate bracket, it needs to be fixed and corrected in time. Don’t let it be in the toppling state, so as to avoid the late installation not in place, causing safety accidents.
5. The installation personnel should wear the corresponding labor protection articles. If they need to use the welding equipment, they should also wear colored glasses, which can effectively avoid the welding arc damage to the eyes.
6. Clean up the installation environment, and do not pile up sundries near the installation position of super long screw.
7. The installation site of super long screw may need to use red paint, ink, etc. to mark the installation position. The red paint, ink and other items should be properly kept to avoid leakage on site.
In order to make the super long screw can be used safely and effectively, the above points should not be ignored.

Galvanized Steel Hex Bolt DIN933

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