The difference between hexagon bolt and screw
Hexagon bolts and screws are commonly used fasteners, which are very common in our life. Their main function is to connect and fix them. However, many people can’t tell the difference between them, or even confuse them. Today we will explain the differences between them.

Differences between hexagon bolt and screw:
1. Different applications
Hexagon bolt: generally, it needs to be used together with nut for through hole. When it is damaged, it is more convenient to replace.
Screw: it usually can be used alone, and does not need to be combined with nut. It is mostly used for blind hole, most of which need to be drilled before tightening, and rarely disassembled after fixing.

2. Different shapes and structures
Hexagon bolt: it is usually composed of two parts, one part is the head, the other part is the screw, the head of the hexagon head is generally equal hexagon.
Screw: it is also composed of head and screw, but its head is generally small, and various shapes, can be slotted, cross groove, can also be inside and outside hexagonal.

3. Using different tools
Hexagon screw: usually need to use wrench as its installation tool.
Screw: the general tool is driver.

4. The usage is different
Generally speaking, the hexagon bolt does not need too high accuracy requirements, unless some requirements are closely matched, so its installation and disassembly are very convenient, and the requirements for connection materials are relatively low, so it is widely used.
Screw itself is compact, can not be removed frequently, and can bear the force is limited.

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