Heavy duty hexagon bolt:

1. Standard: A325M

2. Grade: 4.8 / 5.8 / 6.8 / 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 ,  grade 2 / 5 / 8

3. Specification: m6-m24, 1 / 4 inch-1 inch

4. Length: 10mm-270mm,  1 / 2 inch-10 inches

5. Surface treatment: natural color, blackening, galvanizing, hot galvanizing, Dacromet

6. Packing: 25 kg / case in bulk, 36 cases in pallets. Or according to customer requirements.

Heavy duty hexagon bolt application:

It is suitable for fixing heavy load on near side distance and narrow components (column, balcony, etc.).

It can be used in concrete (= > C25 concrete).

Heavy hexagon bolts are suitable for the following anchoring: steel reinforcement, metal components, trailer, machine base plate, road guardrail, formwork, sound insulation wall foot, road sign, sleeper, floor slab edge protection, heavy support beam, roof decoration component, window, guard net, heavy lift, floor support, construction support, crossing transmission system and sleeper fixation , bracket and shelf system fixation, anti-collision facilities, truck trailers, pillars, chimneys, heavy billboards, heavy sound insulation walls, heavy doors, complete equipment, tower crane, pipes, heavy trailers, guide rails, nail plate connections, heavy space dividers, shelves, sunshades.

High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt

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Hex Heavy Bolt Hardware Fastener ASTM A325

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