High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt ASTM A325 A490 Bolts And Nuts

/High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt ASTM A325 A490 Bolts And Nuts
  • High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt

 ANSI A325 Heavy Hex Bolt, A307B Zinc Galvanized ASTM A325 A490 B7 B8 Heavy Hex Hexagon Head Bolt, Stock ASTM A193 GR B7 Heavy Hex Bolt

High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt ASTM A325 A490
Standard No.: A325, A325m, A490, A490m, A193, etc
Specification size: diameter m10-m52, length 25-500mm
Surface treatment: Black
Fastener manufacturer DOWEDO hardware wholesale various specifications, standards and strength of high-strength heavy hex bolts and stainless steel hex bolts and other standard parts, which can be processed and customized. Heavy hexagon bolt is a kind of common hexagon bolt, characterized by large bolt head, which is mainly used for supporting heavy nuts A194, A563, etc., commonly used standards are A325, a325m, A490, din6914, a490m, en14399, etc., as well as national standard gbt1228 and other steel structure connecting bolts.

Common problem about High Tensile Black Heavy Hex Bolt ASTM A325 A490 Bolts And Nuts:
Q: what’s the difference between heavy hex bolts and ordinary hex bolts?
A: the size of the heavy head is generally larger than that of the ordinary one, including the thickness of the head and the size of the opposite side.
Q: where are the heavy hex bolts mainly used?
A: it is mainly used in various construction sites, bridges and other places.
Q: what is the general surface treatment for heavy hex bolts?
A: hot galvanizing and blackening are usually used.

DOWEDO has strong production capacity and sells professional standard bolt and fasteners. our products accord with the international quality system. Our company offers high quality bolts ,nuts,fasteners for industrial fields, such as automobile, building, communication,electron,energy, electrical home appliances and furniture etc.
The bright surface of stainless steel can maintain 10-20 years.
Stainless steel is a kind of sturdy material with good anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties.
Stainless steel does not release toxic substance,it is really environmental and nontoxic.
We can manufacture various high quality fasteners which meet the GB, DIN, ANSI, JIS and ISO standard.
We support customized and can also manufacture non-standard fasteners according to drawing.

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