A325 Steel Structure Hex Bolt

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Treatment Technology of Dacromet Hexagon Bolt

Treatment technology of Dacromet hexagon bolt Dacromet is a kind of inorganic conversion film containing zinc, aluminum and chromium, which is directly immersed in Dacromet treatment solution without electrodeposition, or adhered to the surface of workpiece by brush coating and electrostatic spraying, and then sintered. Dacromet hexagon bolt refers to the Dacromet plating on the [...]

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Dacromet Bolt Coating Featurers

Dacromet bolt coating- apply coating (colored coating, Dacromet) on the workpiece as required, with appearance of silver, black or color, and salt spray test for more than 240 hours. Dacromet: the appearance of Dacromet coating is uniform silver gray. The coating contains 80% thin zinc sheet and aluminum sheet, and the rest is chromate. It [...]

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