Treatment technology of Dacromet hexagon bolt
Dacromet is a kind of inorganic conversion film containing zinc, aluminum and chromium, which is directly immersed in Dacromet treatment solution without electrodeposition, or adhered to the surface of workpiece by brush coating and electrostatic spraying, and then sintered.

Dacromet hexagon bolt refers to the Dacromet plating on the surface of hexagon bolt, which is more environmentally friendly than ordinary zinc plating, mechanical zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing and other surface treatment methods. If it only refers to anti-corrosion, oxidation and other functions, then hot-dip galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing are preferred. But these two kinds of surface treatment methods make it more difficult to fit the bolt and nut, because the surface of the bolt is thickened.
The main advantages of Treatment technology of Dacromet hexagon bolt are as follows:
1. Corrosion resistance
It can resist salt spray for 600-1200h, which is 7-10 times higher than that of electro galvanizing
2. High heat resistance
The heat-resistant temperature can reach 300 ℃, and the color of the component remains unchanged. It is suitable for high-strength components in the engine parts of automobiles and motorcycles.
3. Hydrogen free brittleness
The coating process does not produce hydrogen embrittlement, so it is especially suitable for surface anti-corrosion treatment of high strength bolts.

Treatment Technology of Dacromet Hexagon Bolt

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