Technology of Hot Dip Galvanized Bolts
Hot dip galvanized bolts are special bolts product produced by hot galvanizing treatment, which is widely used in industrial infrastructure construction and machining.
Hot dip galvanized hexagon bolt production process:
Hot dip galvanized hexagon bolt, also known as hot dip galvanized hexagon bolt, is a method of immersing the bolt, after degreasing and derusting, into the pre heated and melted zinc plating bath to form a layer of zinc coating on the surface of the workpiece. Cold galvanizing is the same after oil removal, rust removal, showing no pollution, infiltration of the workpiece hanging into a special plating bath on the cathode, anode zinc. When the DC power supply is turned on, the zinc ion on the anode migrates to the cathode and discharges on the cathode, so that the workpiece is coated with a zinc layer.

Hot dip galvanized hexagon bolt application:
The coating of hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolt is thick, generally 30-60 microns, with high corrosion resistance. Suitable for outdoor work of iron and steel parts, such as highway fence, power tower, large fasteners and other relatively “rough” workpiece long-term rust prevention. Earlier iron water pipes were also hot-dip galvanized. In addition, because of high strength and corrosion resistance, hot-dip galvanized bolts are increasingly becoming the preferred bolts for power tower, signal tower and highway guardrail.

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