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  • Custom-made and Standardized Fasteners

Custom-made and Standardized Fasteners

Custom-made and Standardized Fasteners We offer a wide range of custom-made and standardized products WINDO METAL is a specialist in unique designs and custom-made fasteners developed together with our customers. We also stock a large selection of high-quality standardized products for immediate delivery. Other designs are available on request. Hexagon head bolt and screw You [...]

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  • Hex Head Tek Screws

Hex Head Tek Screws

There are many different types of Hex Head Tek Screws available, and it is important that you purchase the correct tek screw for your application. All the tek screws in this section are hexagon head, but that does not mean they are all for the same application. Let’s go through the options we have: Light [...]

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