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Railway Square Head Bolts with Hex Nuts, China Railway Track Bolt Nut, Rail Fastening high strength hex bolt, carbon steel grade DIN hex bolt nut, Steel Structure Shear Bolt, Factory Direct Sales 12.9 Pan Head Bolt Quality Assurance Can Be Processed

Square Head Bolts with Hex Nuts Steel structure bolt is a kind of high strength bolt, and also a kind of standard parts. Fastening performance is better, used in steel structure, engineering, so that the role of the fastening.

MOQ:100 pcs
Material:Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Surface Teatment:Blue, Black, Galvanized, Dacromet , etc.
Size:M20 – M36
Key word:long hex nuts
Type:Precision Nonstandard Parts(OEM Service)
Product name:Structural Bolt

Hex bolts are used to fasten two or more parts together to form an assembly either because it cannot be manufactured as a single part or to allow for maintenance and repair disassembly. Hex bolts are also known as: finished hex bolts, hex head bolts, cap screws, hex cap screws, hex head cap screws and, if fully threaded, tap bolts, hex tap bolts and hex head tap bolts. Railway Hex Bolt Nut with Washers

Application: Rail Fastening
Categary HDG Finished Railway Hex Bolts
Delivery By sea or by air
Delivery Time: Within 30 Days After Contracted
Technique: Hot Forging, Heat Treatment, Bluing, etc
Grade: 4.6 to 12.9
Surface Hardness: HRC38-43
Trade Term FOB Shanghai,China

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer & Suppliers SS Hex Bolts, Hex Bolts manufacturer, Hex Bolts supplier, Hex Bolts producer, ASTM A325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt, GB m20 hex bolt, hex head Class8.8 white zinc plated hex bolt, Hot dip galvanized ASTM A325 hex bolt, stainless steel 304 M4 DIN933 hex bolt, ISO 4014 Hex Bolts, JIS B1180 Hex Bolts, ASME B18.2.1 / B18.2.3.1M Hex Bolts, Railway Hex Bolts China Railway Track Bolt Nut
Other Standards Available
IS 1363 / 1364 / 2585 / 3138 / 3640 / 10238 Hex Bolts
DIN 931 / 933 / 960 / 961 / 7990 / 610 Hex Bolts
BS 1083 / 1768 Hex Bolts
ANSI B18.2.1 Hex Bolts
ASTM A307 Hex Bolts
IS 3757 / 6639 Hex Bolts
DIN 6914 / 6915 Hex Bolts
ISO 7412 Hex Bolts
ASTM A325M / A490M Hex Bolts
BS 1769 Hex Bolts

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