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High Strength Titanium Bolt Nut, High Strength Hex Head Bolt Nut, Titanium Plating Bolt Nut, High strength hex head bolt nut din933 din931 din934 Titanium plating bolts and nuts China supplier

High Strength Titanium Bolt Nut Features
Material Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment Titanium plating
Standard DIN 933 DIN931 DIN934
Grade A,B
Length 10mm-220mm
Pitch 1.25
Thread Coarse, Fine
Used Building Industry Machinery

1. Certification: ISO, ROHS, SGS
2.Material:Carbon Steel 45, alloy steel ,General Carbon Steel,SUS304,316
3.Available Standard: DIN, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, BS,ISO
4. Finishing: Yellow, blue and white zinc plated, Galvanized, HDG, Chromate, Dacromet
5. Available material: SUS316, SUS304, Carbon Steel
6. MOQ: 1000pcs

Bolts use a wide variety of head designs, as do screws. These are designed to engage with the tool used to tighten them. Some bolt heads instead lock the bolt in place, so that it does not move and a tool is only needed for the nut end. High Strength Hex Head Bolt Nut

Common bolt heads include hex, slotted hex washer, and socket cap.

The first bolts had square heads, formed by forging. These are still found, although much more common today is the hexagonal head. These are held and turned by a spanner or wrench, of which there are many forms. Most are held from the side, some from in-line with the bolt. Other bolts have T-heads and slotted heads.

Many screws use a screwdriver head fitting, rather than an external wrench. Screwdrivers are applied in-line with the fastener, rather than from the side. These are smaller than most wrench heads and cannot usually apply the same amount of torque. It is sometimes assumed that screwdriver heads imply a screw and wrenches imply a bolt, although this is incorrect. Coach screws are large square-headed screws with a tapered wood screw thread, used for attaching ironwork to timber.

Head designs that overlap both are the Allen or Torx heads; hexagonal or splined sockets. These modern designs span a large range of sizes and can carry a considerable torque. Din934 Hex Bolt

Mechanical properties, imperial
These types of bolts are designed to be tightened to near their proof strength, in order to create significant bolt tension. The standard states that the bolts must be tightened to at least 70% of the tensile yield strength. These bolts use the same material as their common cousins (ASTM F568M for metric bolts), but have a thicker and wider head to more effectively distribute the load. This modified geometry is often referred to as heavy hex geometry. Nuts must meet ASTM A563, which also uses heavy hex geometry. Dimensions of heavy hex geometry are per document ANSI/ASME B18.2.6, which uses “coarse” threads as defined by Unified Thread Standard. Din933 Hex Bolts

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