12.3 Grade Copper Alloy Steel Construction Bolts

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  • 12.3 Grade Copper Alloy Steel Construction Bolts

12.3 Grade Copper Alloy Steel Construction Bolts, ASTM A490 M12 to M36 Carbon Steel Hex Bolts, Construction Bolt, Class 4.8 8.8 10.9 M20 A36/ A307 /A325 High tensile Bolts and nuts, Astm A490M Hexagonal head bolt, Hex head Bolt China Supplier

12.3 Grade Copper Alloy Steel Construction Bolts Features:
Product name
carbon steel ,stainless steel
4.8 8.8 10.9 12.9
Plain, blue plated, white plated, yellow plated.
Range of Application
chemical industry, petroleum industry, construction industry, domestic installation, and so on
zinc plate, black, chrome plate, hot dip galvanized, plain, chrome plate, etc.

Constrution / Building/Industry/Home appliance equipment Ect

Hardness Requirements for ASTM A490M Bolts (Metric)

Bolt Size, mm Bolt Length*, mm Brinell Rockwell C
min max min max
M12 to M24, inclusive Less than 2D 311 352 33 39
M12 to M24, inclusive 2D and over 352 39
M25 to M36, Inclusive Less than 3D 311 352 33 39
M25 to M36, Inclusive 3D and over 352 39

Note* : Heavy Hex Structural Bolts M24 and smaller and shorter than 2D are subject only to minimum and maximum hardness. Heavy hex structural bolts larger than M24 through M36 inclusive in diameter and shorter than 3D are subject only to minimum and maximum hardness. Black Hex A325M 10.9S Structural Bolt

Standard production.
Standard size, fine workmanship, strictly controlled within the tolerance range.
The roughness is up to standard and the surface is smooth

Product name:DIN933/DIN601/ISO4017 hex head bolt, DIN933 Hexagonal Bolts 8.8 grade, ASTM A490 M12 to M36 Carbon Steel Hex Bolts
Finish:plain,black,zinc plated(yellow,blue)
All available size:M8*55-120 M10*60-120 M12*60-120 MM14*55-120 M16*60-170 M18*70-160 M20*70-170 M22*80-220 M24*80-250 M27*90-270 M30*90-300 M36*90-300

ASTM A490 Type 1 is a high tensile bolting grade manufactured from high tensile alloy steel intended for use in structural connections. Type 1 Bolts are produced from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ in imperial size as per ASTM A490 & from M12 to M36 in metric size as per ASTM A490M. These A490 type 1 bolts can be supplied with zinc, cadmium or dacromet coatings in accordance to ASTM F1136. Ferrobend stocks raw material for quick manufacturing and shorter delivery times. We supply Type 1 boltings with EN 10204 type 3.1 certification. Please browse through the page for complete detail on chemical requirement, hardness requirement, tensile requirement, recommended nuts and washers for A490/A490M Type 1 Bolts. M8 Bolt A325M 8S Structural Bolt Heavy Hex

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