The thread of high strength bolt is realized by receiving hot working method. The thread material within the diameter range is processed through the process of thread rolling plate, and the screw thread of high strength bolts is formed by the pressure of screw plate. If the plastic flow line of the thread part is not cut off, the strength will be reduced and the thread fineness will be low. The quality of high strength bolt must be strictly guaranteed and popularized by various industries. In order to build qualified high strength bolts, we need the same thread diameter. That’s because the thread fineness depends on the composition of the material itself, and whether the material has zinc coating and other related components. Thread rolling and thread pressing generally refers to the processing method of plastic deformation thread forming.

This kind of method is to roll the tooth profile of a processed high-strength bolt thread without the same thread distance, that is, a mold like a thread rolling plate is extruding the cylindrical screw blank, while making the screw blank rotate, that is, transferring the tooth shape on the rolling die to the screw blank of the high-strength bolt, and the thread of the high strength bolt is formed at this time.

Thread of High Strength Bolt

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