• Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge This time Fastener Bolt Exporter talks about bolt information other than threads. There are many types of bolts, and there are probably several classification methods: classification by the head of the bolt; classification by the material; classification by the performance level; classification by the connection force method. The first category is classified [...]

  • Ring Bolts Swivel

Ring Bolts Swivel

Ring Bolts Swivel, swivel ring bolts Material: Steel. Version: Quality class 8, ball bearing; Ring Bolts Swivel red plastic-coated Note: Compact and light design, full loading on all sides. 4x safety factor against breakage in all loading axis. Rotatable 360 deg. Link swivel range max. 180 deg. The ball bearing allows the ring [...]

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Classification of T-bolts The T-bolt is literally known as the shape of the bolt like an uppercase English letter "T", which is a good name. According to its use, it can be divided into the following types: 1. T-bolt for Hafen channel steel, the most commonly used is 45# steel, cast, quenched and tempered; also [...]

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