High Strength Dacromet Bolt

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Advantage of High Strength Dacromet Bolt

The advantage of high strength Dacromet bolt is due to the development of Dacromet, which has become a necessary technical requirement in some workplaces. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Electroplating not only pollutes the air, land and water, but also does great harm to operators. The state has repeatedly declared that it is [...]

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High Strength Dacromet Bolt

High strength Dacromet bolt is treated by Dacromet, so what are the advantages? 1. Superior corrosion resistance. Unetched galvanized coatings are usually corroded by rainbow colored film with thickness of 1-3 micron for 20 hours in salt spray test. The corrosion resistance of Dacromet treated metal surface is about 10 times higher than that of [...]

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