There are many parts of machinery and equipment that use inner hexagon bolts to fix parts. However, because they are often disassembled, the inner hexagon of the bolts is easy to grind round, and it is difficult to remove them with the hexagon wrench. This paper introduces two methods of hexagonal nut hexagon bolt parts, which can take out the bolts without damaging the parts.

As for the connection of the head of the hexagon bolt slightly higher than or even on the plane of the fixed parts, a hexagonal nut slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the head of the hexagon socket bolt can be put on the head of the inner hexagon bolt, and then the nut and the head of the hexagon bolt are spot welded together. After cooling, screw the nut with the movable handle, and then the hexagon bolt can be taken out.

The way to remove the inner hexagon bolts is now learned. Is it very simple?

Inner Hexagon Bolts

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