There are three kinds of materials for high strength hexagon bolts, as follows:

(1) carbon steel. Generally, hexagonal bolt manufacturers distinguish low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel according to carbon content in carbon steel.

1. Low carbon steel C% ≤ 0.25% is usually called A3 steel in China. It is called 1008101510181022 in foreign countries. It is mainly used for grade 4.8 bolts, grade 4 nuts, small screws and other products without hardness requirements. (Note: the drill tail nail is mainly made of 1022 material. )

2. Medium carbon steel 0.25%

3. High carbon steel C% > 0.45%. At present, the standard hexagon bolt is not used in the market.

4. Alloy steel: the hexagonal bolt manufacturer adds alloy elements to the plain carbon steel, and increases some special properties of the steel, such as 35, 40 chromium molybdenum, SCM435, 10b38. Fangsheng screw mainly uses SCM435 chromium molybdenum alloy steel, the main components are C, Si, Mn, P, s, Cr, mo.

(2) stainless steel. Performance level: 45, 50, 60, 70, 80

Hexagonal bolt manufacturers are mainly divided into austenite (18% Cr, 8% Ni) with good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and weldability. A1,A2,A4 Martensite and 13% Cr have poor corrosion resistance, high strength and good wear resistance. C1, C2, C4 ferritic stainless steel. The forging property of 18% Cr is better than that of martensite. At present, the imported materials on the market are mainly Japanese products. It is mainly divided into SUS302, SUS304 and SUS316 by level.

(3) copper

Hexagonal bolt manufacturers commonly used material for Brass Zinc copper alloy. H62, H65 and H68 copper are used as standard parts in the market.

Three kinds of Materials for High strength hexagon bolts introduced aboved, I hope you should pay attention to distinguish when you choose.

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