How to deal with the after-sale problems of high strength hexagon bolt?
High strength hexagon bolt is made of high-strength steel. It is generally used in track, bridge and high-pressure equipment. In order to ensure its firmness, sometimes it needs to be prestressed before use. However, if the product has quality problems during use, it needs to contact the manufacturer. How should the manufacturer deal with the after-sale problems of high strength hexagon bolt?
In order to ensure the quality of high-strength hexagonal compass, it is suggested to purchase from big brands and manufacturers. In this way, the product defects and quality problems will be greatly reduced, and the probability of using after-sales service will be greatly reduced.

In addition, many brand manufacturers will provide after-sales service, so when users cooperate with them, they can ask about the scope and content of After-sale Problems of High Strength Hexagon Bolt service, so that when there are problems in the use process, they can let brand manufacturers provide after-sales service.
High strength hexagon bolts are generally produced in batches. Sometimes there are a few defective bolts in the production process. The manufacturer needs to carry out sampling inspection on the products before leaving the factory to remove the unqualified products.
There are many kinds of high-strength hexagon bolts. Sometimes the products provided by the manufacturer are different from those purchased by the user. In this way, when the user receives the goods, he needs to carefully check the model and size of the passenger team. If there is a wrong delivery, he needs to give feedback to the manufacturer in time.
When the user is annealing and the manufacturer re delivers the goods, both parties need to negotiate the transportation cost, and clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, so that the matter can be satisfactorily handled.

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