High-strength wind power bolt-nut connection has no requirement for bolt fastening axial force, so the bolt fastening construction is based on operator’s hand feeling and the shape control of connecting joint. Generally speaking, an operator can tighten the nut with ordinary wrench by his own strength to ensure that the connecting contact surface can be close and there is no obvious room. Clearance, although this kind of fastening construction method has great difference, it can meet the connection requirements.

In order to make the bolts in the joint stress uniform, the fastening sequence of the high strength wind power bolt-nut should start from the middle and proceed symmetrically to both sides; for large joints, double-tightening method should be adopted to ensure that the bolts in the joint can bear uniform stress.
The fastening test of connecting bolts of high strength wind power bolts and nuts is relatively simple. Usually hammering method is adopted, that is, using 3 kg hammer, one hand supporting bolts (or nuts) head, and the other hand hammering, requiring bolt head (nuts) not to deviate and flutter, not to loosen, and hammer sounds relatively crisp. Otherwise, it shows that the quality of bolt fastening is not good and needs to be re-tightened.

High Strength Hex Bolt

High Strength Hex Bolt

High Strength Hex Bolt, bolts nuts and washers, High Strength M20 M22 M24 M27 class grade 10.9 structural hex head bolt, High Strength Precision Forging Machining Hex Head Bolts Product name High strength Hex Bolt with Nut Washer Materials Alloy steel: 40Cr/42CrMo/B7/35CrMo Standard ASTM A325,ASTM A490, JIS B1186(F10T), EN14399 GRADE 10.9 SIZE RANGE(Inch) Dia.: 1/2~1 […]


Heavy Hex Bolt

ANSI ASME B18.2.1 Heavy Hex Bolt

ANSI ASME B18.2.1 Heavy Hex Bolt, Black Oxide Carbon Steel Hex Bolts, bOxidation black 8.8 grade Black hex bolt, DIN933/DIN931 HEX BOLT AND NUT,Hexagon BOLTS HOT DIP GALVANIZING GRADE 8.8 China Manufacturer ANSI ASME B18.2.1 Heavy Hex Bolt FEATURES Specifications as per ANSI B18.2.1 Detailed dimensions as below table 3 Size: 3/8×2.1/2 inch Grade ASTM […]