High quality hexagon bolts are mainly used to fix pipes, pipelines and other pipe diameter products.

The internal radian of hexagon bolt is very important, and its radian is required to be natural and consistent with the radian of the installed pipe diameter, which is close to and wrap the pipe diameter to be fixed.

If the radian of the inner gear is not natural, the inner bracket of the hexagon bolt cannot be close to the pipe diameter during the installation process, resulting in the scrapping of the hexagon bolt. Therefore, in order to ensure the particularity of hexagon bolt and meet the requirements of customers, our process is controlled by mold to ensure that the radian of each product is consistent and qualified.

In addition to supporting weight, limiting (or guiding) displacement, controlling vibration (shaking) and reducing thrust, hexagon bolt has the advantages of simple structure, large bearing capacity, strong adaptability, long service life and low price.

Application industry

High quality hexagon bolts are suitable for oil, water and electricity as the medium in the mechanical hydraulic systems of ships, pipelines, construction projects, sewage pipelines, decoration, installation, ventilation and fire fighting pipelines, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, vehicles, etc. Where displacement stress is required for pipelines or equipment, as well as vibration reduction or sliding support of bridges, buildings and large-scale equipment.

Galvanized Heavy Hex Bolt A325 Grade

Galvanized Heavy Hex Bolt A325 Grade, American Standard Zinc Galvanized ASTM A325M A490 B7 B8 Heavy Hex Hexagon Head Bolt, Stock ANSI ASTM A193 GR B7 Heavy Hex Bolt, High Tensile Bolts And Nuts industrial fasteners China Factory Galvanized Heavy Hex Bolt A325 Grade 1. Standard: ISO, JIS, GB, ANSI, BSW, DIN or non standard […]