According to the items, the Grade 12.9 Hex Bolts can be divided into grade 12.9 external hexagon screw, grade 12.9 hexagon socket head screw (cup head), grade 10.9 countersunk head hexagon screw (flat cup), grade 10.9 semicircular head hexagon socket head screw (round cup), grade 12.9 set screw (machine meter), grade 12.9 hexagon plug screw and so on.

It can be divided into coarse thread, fine thread, metric system, British system, American system, etc. Grade 12.9 is the top variety of screws with high hardness and tensile strength. Its Rockwell hardness (HRC) can reach 39-44, and the tensile strength can reach 1220n / mm2. However, due to the different shapes of screws, the countersunk hexagon socket head screws (flat cup) and half round head hexagon socket head screws (round cup) produced by the same materials can only reach the minimum tensile strength of grade 10.9. It can also fully meet the high requirements of fasteners for special occasions and components of industrial and mining enterprises.

12.9 Grade High Tension Hexagon Hex Bolt

Grade 12.9 Hex Bolts

Description of Carbon Steel 12.9 Grade High Tension Steel Hexagon Hex Bolt Material: Carbon Steel, Steel Standard: ISO System of Measurement: Metric Thread Spacing: Coarse Thread Fit: Class 5g6g Thread Direction: Right Hand We have Magnetic Powder Detector, Material Testing Machine, Metallographic Microscope, such testing instruments, guarantee product high quality and beautiful appearance.The quality control […]