Application of High Strength Hexagon Bolt is very widely, High strength hexagon bolts are usually used to connect thin metal plates. When connecting, the threaded bottom hole of the connected part is made first, and then the hexagonal combination screw is screwed into the threaded bottom hole of the connected part. Due to the high hardness of the thread surface of the combined screw, the internal thread can be drilled out in the threaded bottom hole of the connected parts, thus forming the high-strength hexagonal combination screw for connecting steel structures. The high-strength hexagon socket bolts are mainly used for railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower and mast structures, hoisting machinery and steel structures Type a high strength hexagon socket combination screw. It is characterized by an extra dodecagonal body at the end of the hexagon socket bolt. During installation, a special electric wrench must be used. There are two socket heads on the top and bottom, one on the hexagon of the nut and the other on the decagonal body of the inner hexagon screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise force distance to the nut and an equal counter clockwise force distance to the dodecagonal body of the bolt, so that the connection neck between the end of the socket head screw and the dodecagonal body is subject to torsional shear until the neck is cut off, and the installation is finished.
The application of high strength hexagon bolt in the construction industry is particularly obvious.

High Strength Hex Head Bolt Nut

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