Anti corrosion treatment method of hexagon socket bolts surface
In the production of hexagon socket bolts, one of the most important links is to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the surface. You may ask “how to carry out anti-corrosion treatment?” in fact, different corrosion conditions lead to different anti-corrosion treatment methods. Today, we will briefly introduce several commonly used anti-corrosion treatment methods.

1. Cadmium plating
Cadmium coating has a very good corrosion resistance, so some manufacturers of hexagon socket bolts will use cadmium plating to enhance the anti rust performance of bolts. However, because the waste liquid generated during cadmium plating will be more expensive, it is more suitable for the surface treatment of hexagon socket bolts for aircraft and oil drilling platforms.
2. Zincification
Zincification is a common surface antirust treatment process for fasteners, which belongs to zinc powder solid metallurgical thermal diffusion coating. Because of its good uniformity, it can be well spread in the thread and blind hole, and it will not pollute the environment when processing.

3. Electro galvanizing
Electro galvanizing is also a common way of surface anti rust treatment for hexagon bolts. However, hydrogen embrittlement is easy to occur in the process of galvanizing. In order to keep the preload of bolts consistent, lubricating materials can be coated after galvanizing to enhance the torque of bolts.
4. Chromium plating
The stability of the chromium coating is very good, and the surface of the hexagon bolt will still remain glossy after chromium plating, and it will increase the wear resistance of the bolt. Therefore, this method will be used for many decorative hexagon bolts when they are antirust.
It can be seen that there are many anti rust treatment methods for the surface of hexagon bolts.

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