In the work, we can often see the hot dip galvanized hexagon bolt, because it has many advantages, making it popular with customers, and rapid development in the market.

Generally speaking, the top surface of the head of the hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolt is marked with convex or concave characters, or the side of the head is marked with concave characters, including performance grade, manufacturer’s logo, etc.
1. Due to the special treatment of the surface of the hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolts, it has a relatively smooth appearance, and its surface is relatively smooth, not easy to appear rough edges, and presents the characteristics of silver white. In production, its thickness should be able to be controlled within a certain range for appropriate selection.
2. The galvanized hexagon bolt has excellent performance in use, good tensile performance, and is not easy to break. Moreover, it has no harm of temperature in use, which can ensure its mechanical properties.
3. The hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolt has excellent corrosion resistance, so it has good usability and strong fastening, and is not easy to loose.

Hot Dip Galvanized Hexagon Bolt

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A490 Heavy Bolts

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