Advantages of high strength galvanized bolt

High strength galvanized bolt is galvanized, so what are its advantages?
Hot dip galvanizing is also used to protect the surface of screws, bolts and nuts from corrosion. Hot dip galvanized screws have better corrosion resistance than electro galvanized screws. However, high cost and high strength structural bolts are not suitable for hot dip galvanizing. Because the coating surface is easy to form hard and brittle, it may fracture under high temperature or high load.

The durability of zinc coating of high strength galvanized bolt in corrosive environment is linear with its thickness, that is, the thicker the coating is, the longer the life is. However, the corrosion resistance is poor in industrial areas containing sulfide. At the same time, a large number of self colored corrosion products will be produced in marine and tropical climate, which must be prevented by chromate treatment. In the United States, a test was carried out on a thin galvanized specimen with a film thickness of 0.03mm. The results show that the average life of the galvanized layer in rural areas, coastal areas and industrial areas is about 3:2:1, which indicates that the galvanized layer is most prone to corrosion in polluted air, because the waste gas discharged from factories in industrial areas contains many sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), which will damage the galvanized layer. In coastal areas, there are a lot of salt crystals and liquid particles (chlorides) in the atmosphere, which can cause metal corrosion, and the relative humidity of the atmosphere also has a significant impact on the corrosion rate. The Institute of material protection, Beijing University of science and technology, has also conducted atmospheric exposure corrosion tests on galvanized coatings in different areas of mainland China for one year. The results show that the areas with the highest contents of SO2 and chloride (sea salt particles) and the highest relative humidity have the highest corrosion rate. Atmospheric relative humidity is considered to be the main factor causing corrosion, and atmospheric pollutants, especially SO2 and chloride, are the main factors promoting corrosion.

Advantages of High Strength Galvanized Bolt

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