Advantages and applications of high strength hot dip galvanized bolt
The high-strength galvanized bolt is a method of immersing the bolt into the pre heated and melted zinc plating bath to form a layer of zinc coating on the surface of the workpiece after degreasing and derusting.
High strength hot-dip galvanized bolt connection has the advantages of simple construction, good mechanical performance, detachable replacement, fatigue resistance, and no loosening under dynamic load, so it is a promising connection method.

High strength hot dip galvanized bolt application:
The application scope of high-strength hot-dip galvanized bolts include: hot-dip galvanized bolts, electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, electrical equipment, mechanical and electrical products. Bolts are also used in ships, vehicles, hydraulic engineering, and even chemical experiments. Anyway, bolts are used in many places. Such as precision bolts used in digital products.
Connection method of high strength galvanized bolt:
For general hot-dip galvanized bolt connection, flat washer should be placed under the head of hot-dip galvanized bolt and nut to increase the bearing area.
Flat washers shall be placed on the head and nut sides of hot-dip galvanized bolts respectively. Generally, there shall be no more than two flat washers placed on the head side of hot-dip galvanized bolts and no more than one flat washer placed on the nut side of hot-dip galvanized bolts

High Strength Hot Dip Galvanized Bolt

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