The advantage of high strength Dacromet bolt is due to the development of Dacromet, which has become a necessary technical requirement in some workplaces. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Electroplating not only pollutes the air, land and water, but also does great harm to operators. The state has repeatedly declared that it is necessary to introduce new green industries to replace them. Therefore, the death of electroplating industry is an inevitable result, and it is also inevitable for electroplating parts to switch to Dacromet. In the production process of Dacromet, there is no pollution, which is a real green industry encouraged by the state.

2. It is also necessary to use Dacromet technology for various metal surface coatings. The first reason is that the original electroplated parts have poor corrosion resistance and easy to rust; the other is that the coating surface stability is poor and easy to hydrogen embrittlement; the other is that Dacromet technology overcomes these shortcomings of electroplating, and can achieve no rust for more than ten years, which can meet the requirements of users and export products.

3. At present, the cost of using Dacromet technology is higher than that of electroplating, but it is still worthwhile to conduct an in-depth economic analysis. Taking hot-dip galvanizing as an example, the current market processing price is 1800 yuan per ton, and the processing cost of Dacromet is about 20% ~ 30% higher than that of electro galvanizing. However, hot-dip galvanized parts are easy to hydrogen embrittlement and deformation, and the scrap rate is as high as 10%. If the processing cost and material cost are put together, the processing cost of Dacromet is 30% ~ 50% higher than that of electro galvanizing, but Dacromet coating is 30% ~ 50% higher than that of electro galvanizing The service life of the duplicate parts is three to five times higher than that of the original electroplated parts, which not only saves a lot of maintenance costs, but also saves a lot of material costs. For some parts with high requirements, such as automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, highway bridges, electrical and electronic parts with high requirements, electroplating technology can not meet the requirements, only Dacromet technology can be used to solve this problem, which also does not exist the problem of processing costs of each other.

Above are the advantage of high strength Dacromet bolt , Therefore, the Dacromet technology used in high strength Dacromet bolts is very important.

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